Why a Creative Wave is Taking Over our Workspace

You are working in a company that requires you to be as creative and innovative as you can. Imagine if you’re facing a wall while “living” in a solitary cubicle. Just imagining it makes you feel tired, uncomfortable and unproductive, doesn’t it? The day is not over and yet, creative juices and energy are drained out from you.

You can blame your working environment for this, as it is what companies like Google claims too. Workspace condition influences the creative mood of a person. This is proven by business centers in Chicago that cater creative workspaces for their clients. According to their gained feedbacks, a soothing environment for work helps clients to be innovative while being socially collaborative – hitting two birds with one stone.

Creative workspaces are not your typical type of office set-up. Maybe you are working in an old-fashion office separated by walls or cubicles. Creative workspaces are totally different from this. No walls and cubicles, no dull-colored rooms; only a wide, attractive space for you to work. Unlike your cubicle-type workspaces, creative workspaces enable you to think freely without the feeling of being constrained physically, as it also constrains your creative juices to flow. The whole room is your whole office, and there is nothing that put much pressure on you – you can work, think, and produce output freely.

Not only that creative workspace enables you to think freely, it also allows you to communicate ideas with other people. Hence, it is a breeding place for a collaborative culture – a network of diverse ideas producing a unique and viable output. Diversity is the key point here. The creative workspace serves as the meeting point of diverse and free ideas resulting to something innovative – it brings different minds to one space. You can brainstorm with your colleagues, or just spend quality time with them to avoid the stressful mood of work. It becomes a space of collaborative ideas and a place of shared interests, goals, and vision – a must in every working group.

These two, combined together in a creative workspace, will transform you into an inspired, productive individual. Yes, inspiration will come out from a working environment free from any pressure and constraint; from an environment where you work with people as inspired as you are. Will you be inspired working in a place where you are pressured in and out? More often than not, you won’t be. Will you last long hours of work without having a chit-chat with someone? You’ll be worn-out and be counter-productive. Creative workspace enables you to be productive – creative, innovative, and resourceful – while having fun. You will fall in love with your work more, guaranteed.

Of course, this set-up may not be effective for all, maybe even for you. Nevertheless, it is important to consider how space affects the way you work. Taking this perspective helped Google, as well the workspace businesses in Chicago, to provide innovative services to their clients. You might want to try this for yourself and see how creative you become in working under such condition. Just remember: It’s not about the design, but the function. Goodluck!

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