Why Houses in Child-Friendly Neighborhoods are in Demand

The demand for homes, houses or properties that rest on child friendly neighborhoods has taken a much welcomed development after recent studies have shown that adults are beginning to see the positive effects that these neighborhoods may have on their children. The reason for the increase in appreciation of child friendly neighborhoods vary from the adult’s increased value for communities that are less car-dependent to the parents’ wishes to inspire their children to have fun outdoors. The former reason allows adults, for example, to have their children travel to and from school without worrying too much while the latter is an attempt at breaking the indoor-inclined lifestyle that children currently adopt.

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Safer Neighborhoods Help Cut Down Transit Expenses

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According to a survey done on Americans’ views on communities, housing and transportation, which was administered over 1,202 adults, the demand for a more convenient community that depends less on personal transit and commute is and will continue to grow. Adults demand for a less car-dependent neighborhood where they and their children can experience a better availability of supermarkets, schools and other services. A study showed that 76% put high value on walkability. Furthermore, it showed that adults find it important that their neighborhood provides a variation of option when it comes to availability of goods and services while at the same makes it easy for them to get from one place to another. Parents demand for schools that are not only nearby, but are also invested in their children’s safety. Accessibility of services such as that of schools, hospitals and employment are important aspects in choosing a neighborhood to live in, with walkability as a key factor. Adults view this accessibility as a means to either limit or completely avoid their need to visit far places. This allows them to focus their expenses more on goods and services and less on transit costs (gas and fare for example).

Child-Friendly Neighborhoods Promote Healthier Lifestyle for Kids

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Another reason that caused the increase in demand for child-friendly neighborhood is the recent study that communities affect children’s lifestyles. With the increase in accounts of obesity in children and their high inclination towards computer and digital gaming, the blame is found in how unwelcoming some neighborhoods may be. It showed that a more child-friendly community or neighborhood will serve as a more encouraging factor for children to take their time on the streets. A more welcoming neighborhood will be a better conducive setting for children’s recreation or regular daily activity like walking to school; this is why a large number of parents prefer child-friendly neighborhoods. Parents understand that the anxiety that an unsafe community evokes from them may be the very cause of their limiting their children’s activity. These parents therefore see that the absence of conditions that worry them may be beneficial for both themselves and their children. These parents wish to draw their children outside and have them socialize with other kids their age. Parents also wish for an open space in the community where children could gather and play. These open spaces are viewed as grounds for recreation and are expected to be furnished with necessary equipment. The presence of playgrounds may be prudent for the accomplishment of these open spaces.

There is an increase in demand for properties that are located in child friendly neighborhoods as adults and parents begin to realize the importance of the community to their and their children’s lives. The reason may vary from economic to health concerns. A parent views the accessibility of services as a way to save up. A parent may also deem the necessity of an open space as a means to provide his or her children with a venue for their recreation. The reason for the demand may move from these or more reasons, but the overall appeal of a child friendly neighborhood is now undeniable.

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