The Art of Leasing: How to Design Your Space Without A Hitch

Condominium living is appealing to most people because of the classy and peaceful ambiance it offers. From entering the gates, to walking through the sweet-smelling garden, then passing by the creative design of the lobby, a great mood enters within. But most of all, our space is where we all want to rest. We want our homes, whether small or big, blow a feeling of relaxation from our busy and stressful working hours.

If you want your space to give that kind of mood you want, discover your own design style. Start looking at your favorite colors. Color has the magical power to set our mood and even dictate to do some acts. That’s the very reason why the use of color is very important. How about the kind of furnitures and decors you like? Do you want some classy, glass-type, or handicrafts and wooden furnitures to give an earthy feel? There are many ways on how to design your space. But can you still follow your style if under budget? Of course! Here are some ideas that would help you reckon the style you want while keeping your budget plan.

The Blend of Black and White

bedroom design
The blend of the opposites portrays mysterious and flexible personality. The white color for your wall gives you a brighter mood. The large black painting also makes the room bigger. It works better than a group of small paintings. Also, having one large painting is relatively low in price than a collection of small artwork hangs.

The Earthy Touch of Handicraft


The classic look of the middle-century furniture expresses a countryside retreat. The picture above is an original window frame. But this can also be converted to table and storage cabinets. Living in a small condo unit, it is important to maximize the space while keeping your own design style. Choose furniture wisely by measuring their dimensions and choosing those that are multi-purpose. Furniture and decors that are multi-purpose yet budget-friendly and fashionable.

The Comfy Floor Pillows


Of course, we want our space to be comfortable and convenient, don’t we? If you want chairs for your living space, use cozy pillows. If you need tables, use a pillow or pillows that is stable and not so soft or puffy. Kids will find studying more enjoyable while sitting on functional floor pillows. You can sew your own pillow case and put old clothes, blankets, and socks inside. Also we can always add function of a pillow like using them for decorations.

The Favor in All-in-One Furniture


window seats

For a tremendously functional room, try having a window seat that can also be a sofa during day time and a bed at night. We can have many other options like making storage boxes beneath the seat. You can add small table and chairs with open arms and exposed legs. This makes the room appear fairer.
When it comes to designing your space, keep in mind the fashion – make it simple, cozy, and fit for your personality. At the same time, you don’t need millions of dollars to create a WOW factor. If you know your style, you don’t need others to do things you could do. Think of how it can save your money. Your imagination will allow you to re-invent, reuse, and create your own design style on a budget.

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