Celebrating National Game and Puzzle Week: Top 5 Fun Activities for the whole Family

Only a few weeks left and it will be National Games and Puzzles Week again. Perhaps not a lot of people know that this holiday actually exists and that families do observe such occasion. In the United States, this occasion falls on the week of Thanksgiving thus making such a loaded week of celebration. These kinds of celebrations make a good opportunity for families to bond. For instance, if you’re living in a closely knit household with very few members, playing different kinds of games may just be the best way to observe the week. Below are five of the most interesting activities and games you can consider doing to make the most of the day with the rest of your folks.

The event’s main goal is to increase appreciation of board games and puzzles and to regain awareness of the tradition of playing games together in the home. Some scientific studies suggest that rediscovering how much fun a good game night can be, often becomes a new routine for the family. Other recent studies show that most mothers want their children to enjoy staying at home and bonding with the rest of the family members, making this event the best way to start.

In keeping with this fun tradition, below are some interesting activities you and your family can do to make the most of the national games and puzzle week.

1. Prepare a good snack for the family. If you plan to really imbibe the occasion at home, make sure to indulge the family with good meals to last them the day. Bonding over food and games is the best way to observe the occasion. The meals don’t necessarily have to be grand so long as they are filling and can be enjoyed by children. Try preparing finger foods for kids and an overflowing amount of good drinks for the rest of the family.

2. Invite friends to come over for games. You don’t have to celebrate the occasion with just your family. Try asking family friends or even relatives to come over so you can all enjoy a fun game night. Come up with interesting activities but do not overdo it. Make it interesting in such a way that you and a guest family can show your game prowess and healthy competitive spirit.

3. Decorate the house as a setting from a famous game. Be more creative during this time. Why not transform your home into a huge snakes and ladder board? Even so, you can adapt a setting from a famous game for your house or even a movie so you can have a better feel of the occasion. Be as creative and as fun as possible.

4. Do not just play games. Do not focus too much on the traditional card games. Try making it a movie night as well. Watching movies is a fun activity. You can play a game related to movies such as “Celebrity” after watching one movie then proceed to another activity then another game. Be spontaneous and do whatever you feel like doing in the moment.

5. Games game and more games. Most importantly, pick games that are creative, fun, stimulating and meaningful. Since it is the National Games and Puzzle Week in a few, come up with a number of games that you can enjoy. Do not stick to just one so your folks won’t get bored very easily. You can choose from the ones below or better yet try playing all of them the whole day long.

· Charades: Nothing beats a good game such as charades. You can come up with different topics that you can make your family members guess from celebrity names to the most mundane stuff. Come up with a twist to the game such as perhaps limiting the clues that they can provide to a certain number of words. It’s a lot like the game called Taboo but with the other elements of charades such as hand and body movements to help with the guessing.

· Crossword/Jigsaw: This should definitely be on your roster. Come up with a more challenging crossword puzzle with challenging questions to answer. Make it a competition of who can answer the crossword item by asking a question. Whoever answers it gets the chance to answer the crossword item and so on.

· Pictionary: If you’re a family of visual people, then Pictionary is the best game for you. It’s like charades but with a little effort to draw images then guess.

· Dice games: These are the simplest and yet the most exciting since no high skills are necessary. Dice games such as snakes and ladders are mostly based on strategy and tons of luck.

· Chess or checkers: These games are said to be for the smart minds. Well with good strategy and a bit of luck one can definitely enjoy this game. You can make it a competition between two families wherein each family member has a certain chess piece to represent and move when the time is right.

What makes any occasion special really is the enjoyment it brings to each individual. Every occasion you get to spend with your family gives you an opportunity to know your folks even more and appreciate them better.

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